QWAM in short

QWAM in short

Since its creation in 2007, QWAM works for companies and organizations in helping them in a better use of information assets and feeds, whether it is about external information (web sites, web news, blogs, etc.) or internal information (reports and studies, contracts, HR, CRM, R&D and so forth).


Founders of QWAM have been experts in search engines and related text technologies since early 2000’s. In 2006 they design their first software solution QWAM E-content Server (QES) for managing information feeds and providing personalized search solutions for press, media or business information.

In 2011, as web information becomes critical for business processes and decisions, QWAM team starts Ask'n'Reada SaaS solution for web information monitoring. The solution is based on a big data architecture that enables to monitor in real time millions of web information and to extract key information for business decision.

With its experience and managing large volumes of text information, QWAM decided in 2013 to design and build an innovative natural language processing solution: QWAM Text AnalyticsAfter an ambitious R&D program with academic institutions, the solution is put on the market in 2016 for answering the needs of organizations to analyze large sets of textual data.


QWAM mission is to supply innovative solutions devoted to the management and analysis of unstructured information (textual big data), whether it resides within the organization or outside on the internet.