QES InfoMedia Suite

QES InfoMedia Suite is a set of software solutions for searching, managing and sharing information feeds, strategic and business content and documents

QES InfoMedia Suite, for whom ?

wishing to manage digital content emanating from their editorial systems and to provide journalists and editorial teams with powerful search engine concerning their feeds and archives together with other sources (newswires, web content, third party content, …)

wishing to organize and share their professional content and documents (reports, studies, reference documents, knowledge base, patents, scientific articles, etc.

wishing to manage and share content supplied by their content providers, affiliates or partners (press clipping, content service providers, electronic feeds, etc.)

What is provided by QES InfoMedia Suite

  • module for aggregating feeds from internal applications, editorial systems, content suppliers or partners
  • unified management of multimedia feeds (texts, photos, videos)
  • module for real time management of international newswires (NewsDesk module)
  • semantic content enrichment module and business rule engine
  • content management module
  • vocabulary and lexicon management module
  • administration module : management of user’s access, rights and profiles, usage and content statistics, …
  • export and API for connection with third party applications
  • search engine with integrated semantic module
  • faceted navigation, concept extraction on-the-fly, visualization module
  • personalized search and browsing profiles adapted to business contexts
  • portal and widgets
  • alerts and folders
  • newsletters
  • thematic live feeds from aggregated content
  • For communication departments: management of press clippings, newswires and other live feeds (solution Qwam NewsDesk)
  • For healthcare and pharma : monitoring and management of scientific literature for pharmacovigilance (solution Qwam Safety)
  • For scientific and technical information or documentation: knowledge database, management of scientific/technical information and of patent literature, complex metadata management (solution Qwam IST)


Jean-Christophe Rampal

Directeur de la Documentation - Radio France
Radio France uses QES InfoMedia for managing its news feeds, archives and documentation for helping journalists and producers to prepare their broadcast. In production since 2015, Radio France is very satisfied with QES InfoMedia implementation.

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