Francis Rubaudo


Graduated from ENSEEIHT (1973), he has spent most of his career in IT businesses. In 1980, he is Managing Director of a subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, and leads the first provider of full text database for press and media content. In 1988, he joins the company Line Data and makes it a leader in financial software and geomarketing. In 1994 he organizes an LBO of the company with the management and then negotiates its selling in 1998. After that he becomes advisor of several venture funds and member of the board of several high-tech and software companies. He is the Chairman of QWAM.

Christian Langevin


Christian Langevin graduated from Imperial College (Mechanical Engineering) and Paris-Sorbonne University IAE (MBA). He is primarily Research Assistant in the Mechanical Engineering Department of Imperial College where he participates in research in safety for nuclear power plants ; he takes part in the first generation of computer programs in numerical modelling and conducts a thesis within the "Computational Fluid Dynamics Unit". Then he moved on to  begin a career as a management consultant in innovation/R&D and technology transfer. He then became a partner in Innovation 128, a leading consultancy in the field in the 1990’s. At the beginning of the internet era, he was then an independent consultant and provided consultancy in internet investments and business development. In 2001 he led the search engine activity of IT company Cycnos-Qwam System (later acquired in 2011 by Aubay Group).  In 2007 he starts QWAM Content Intelligence with the idea of building innovative solutions for digital information management, web monitoring and content analytics (see QWAM company). Christian Langevin also serves as an expert for R&D project evaluation with digital cluster Cap Digital.

Ivan Monnier


Graduated from Ecole Centrale Lille, he starts his career with Cap Gemini and then in several IT companies. Early 2000, he joins the QWAM project team where he is a founder. He has now more than 25 years of experience in IT with a strong emphasis in content/document management systems, search engines and related technologies. More recently and within Qwam activities, he has put his efforts in advanced systems such as semantic engine and big data. He supervises technical aspects of QWAM solutions and projects, especially for major clients in healthcare, industry, defense and security. He is also a strong leader in the R&D projects in which QWAM participates.

Nicolas Marot


Graduated from Institut Catholique d’Arts et Métiers (ICAM) de Nantes in 1997, he starts his career at IBM where he is a consultant in several projects, especially for insurance and banking clients. He becomes familiar with content management solutions when he participates to several Lotus Domino projects. In 2000 he enters the group Cycnos-Qwam System where he participates to several content management and search engines projects. When QWAM Content Intelligence company is started, he becomes a member of the founding team. He now leads major projects and solutions at QWAM with a strong emphasis in press and media applications where his expertise is well recognized.

Patrig Droumaguet


Graduated from HEI - Hautes Études d'Ingénieur at Lille in 1998, Patrig Droumaguet has begun his career at IBM Global Services within the e-Business team. It was the opportunity to start dealing with heterogeneous text feeds during the six implementations of the French economical website La, developed in IBM Lotus Domino. He worked on redaction tools : search and qualification of named entities in articles, automatic cross-references from different sources, links to archives… Then he started a 10-year freelance career, working on open-source solutions like the full-text search engine Sphinx and MongoDB. When he joined QWAM Content Intelligence in 2011, his experience is used to implement Ask'n'Read which will become QWAM web repository.