Custom solutions

Custom solutions

Our team data of IT experts and data scientists can design custom solutions for answering needs for any application embedding content (text).

Semantic Enrichment and Analysis

QWAM technologies enable to extract and build metadata and insights from the analysis of large sets of textual data. Our technologies are constantly evolving to be able to process content from any type and to extract specific data and insights.

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI-based discovery engine is a key feature to identify meaningful concepts and expressions within texts and for building an ontology describing a business environment.

Textual Big Data

QWAM has developed several software tools for crawling and extracting relevant information from web content. We run a big data infrastructure enabling to crawl in real time several millions of web pages each day.

Information Feeds Management and Search Engine

QWAM has a strong expertise in managing professional information feeds and content of all types (articles, newswires, reports, multimedia, etc.) and to provide applications for accessing and searching such content with productivity tools.